hm This section is for the poor people who read this comic, but have never played a Harvest Moon game.

The HM series is a unique blend of farming sim, dating sim and RPG. The basic of the game is this: you come into ownership of a run-down farm and are given the task of making it into a profitable ranch again. In most games, you can only play as a male farmer, but "for girls" versions of the games are becoming common, as is the ability to chose to play as a boy or a girl.

The main goal of the games is to run a profitable ranch, which you do by growing fruits and vegetable and raising livestock. You can grow a variety of crops in HM: turnips, potatoes, corn and tomatoes are some of the most frequently appearing crops. Many newer games allow you to grow fruit trees as well.

You can raise many types of livestock as well, and profit from selling milk, wool and eggs. Livestock must be raised with care, feeding them every day and grooming them. Animals that are not cared after can get sick and even die! Well cared-for animals, however, produce higher quality products.

Character interaction is an important feature of the games. You can befriend the local villagers, and most games allow you to marry ceratin available locals, and raise a family afterwords.

Sound good? Want to play? Here's a few HM games I reccomend:
Harvest Moon 64 (N64) that's the one this comic is based on
Magical Melody (GCN) my personal favorite!
Friend of Mineral Town/More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) hand-held goodness! MFoMT is the girl version
Harvest Moon (SNES) the orginal! avialable on Wii Virtual Console