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An HM64 Primer

I've learned that some of my readers have not played HM64, the game this manga is based on. If you have the chance, you should play it, because it's a wonderful game.

This primer is intended for readers who have not played HM64, so there may be some spoilers, though most of it is information you learn very on in the game.

If you've played the games set in Mineral Town, you might recognize the names, but the relationships are different, and some characters have different personalities.

The Green Family: they run the Green Ranch
Doug: father of Gray and Ann
Gray: Doug's son, Ann's older brother
Ann: Doug's daughter, Gray's sister, best friends with Karen
Rick: cousin of Gray and Ann, runs the tool shop

Popuri's Family they run the Flower Shop
Basil: father of Popuri, husband of Lillia; he is a botanist who travels a lot
Lillia: wife of Basil, mother of Popuri
Popuri: daughter of Basil and Lillia, loves flowers, best friends with Elli

Karen's Family- they run the vineyard
Gotz: father of Karen, husband of Sasha
Sasha: wife of Gotz, mother of Karen
Karen: daughter of Gotz and Sasha, best friends with Ann
Kai: a foreigner who works at the Vineyard, he is in love with Karen
?: Karen's cousin?

Maria's Family
Mayor: husband of Anna, father of Maria, the mayor of flowerbud
Anna: wife of the mayor, mother of Maria
Maria: daughter of Mayor & Anna,runs the library

Elli's Family
Jeff: raised Elli from childhood
Ellen: Elli's grandmother
Elli: Her parents are deceased; best friends with Popuri
Duke: Jeff's uncle, runs the bar

Other Bachelors
Harris: the mailman
Cliff: a drifter
Jack: a young farmer who inherited a ranch from his late grandfather

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